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신선한 글로벌 보컬 & 성우

해외 글로벌 성우

들어보지 못한 신선한 현지 글로벌 성우를 스카우팅 및 섭외 하여 색다른 목소리 와 톤을 약속드립니다

해외 음악 보컬

원하는 톤을 갖고있는 싱어를 스카우팅 해서 탑 클래스 보컬 트랙을 녹음 해드립니다. 가사 작성, 번역, 연출 등 다 포함!

Our Happy Clients!

“Working with Steve was great! He knew exactly what he was looking for and was very quick to respond. Wishing him the best of luck with his music and highly recommend!”

Chris B

“Steve is passionate and knows how to create a safe space in which you can feel free to create. Even though he had an idea and needed to get close to it, he lets you send your ideas and he’s open to discussion! I would definitely love to work with him again and recommend you do to so.”


“Steve was absolutely wonderful to work with! Amazing direction, smooth back and forth communication, everything was laid out easily for me to follow, and some really fun and catchy music which was awesome to sing :)”


한국에서 찾을 수 없는 신선하고 파워풀한 보컬

Authentic 현지 성우

다양한 목소리 톤, 색깔 등 선택의 여유

스카우팅, 섭외, 작사, 번역, 연출 다 가능

영어, 불어, 스페인어 가능



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